Dinkum Bohos draw upon inspiration from music around the globe. Global Celebration

FRENCH MUSIC MUSIQUE FRANÇAISE Chansons by Francois Hardy, Serge Gainsbourg, Felix Leclerc, Carla Bruni, Yves Montand…L’accordéon featuring Yann Tiersen’s Amélie. Erik Satie piano solos and improvisations. Dinkum Bohos have appeared at Mullum Flicks French Movie Pre-Show, Alliance Français Byron Bay French Film Festival, La Table Resto Mullumbimby, Les Pignons’ Still@The Centre Gallery 10th Anniversary Byron Bay, Le Festival Brisbane.


TANGO Listen here to Divine Tango live in Brisbane with Lady Boho on electric grand piano and Jem on drums. The duet play nstrumental Astor Piazzolla tangos and improvisations on piano, drums, guitar, accordion.

JAZZ What is jazz?.Miles of Blue…  Dinkum Bohos’ beat poet romp.Tom’s Waitress features a four hander on keys, baudelaire and the sex pistols .Nothing’s ever played the same way twice.

SONGS SONGS AND MORE SONGS View vintage footage of audience favourite Dance Me To The End Of Love  live at the Upfront Club Maleny. Camera: Host Danny Rose 2009

CHILLOUT A small slice of an extemporaneous 5/4 Lovesong with special local guests Elvis and Kavi Treetops at Nimbin’s Bush Theatre Phoenix Rising Cafe some hot and sunny Sunday…Camera: Host David Hyett 2015

Entwined in the Dreamtime “The Dinkum Bohos’ beautifully haunting music and lyrics mesmerise the audience at Sunshine Coast Spoken Word’s July Gig” Camera: Host Robin Archbold 2014

AMBIENT PIANO Jem’s 7 minute solo Continuum Of The Fire Orchard 1930 Broadwood Boudoir Grand

ART GALLERIES This video features Jem soloing on electric piano at Kellie O’Dempsey’s Hang Live Hang Still Happening Lismore

PIANO DUETS Once upon a spontaneous afternoon in a Strotford Upon Avon…2011

GETTING FUNKY! Footage from the couple’s debut supporting GONG 70 at Coorabell Hall near Byron Bay. Camera: Mariani Vermeend 2008

SOUND HEALING Experience singing bowls, harmonic chimes, bells, flute, shruti box, voice and other magical instruments, mantras, toning…. See more at